hey! what yall doin? im doin nothin, and im bored, im bored, im bored,im boredddddddddddddd - kata2 christian beadles . haha yeahh im boredd. anyway, im in my new skool now, today is my third day..and i cant wait for the school holiday that's comin soon..becs, mybe im goin to see all my sanak saudara at jelabu.. omg! guess what? dah 5 taon lbeh wa x blek kmpong... sbb? privacy..

and klau sempt nk gi jmpe kwan aku kt bangi., aaaaaa wlupon bru seminggu lbeh kot x jmpe, nk gile rsenye..srius ni.. rinduuuuu kott...i miss u guys, im srius.. iwanna see u guys, and yeah klau aku blek, jmpe kt kdai bru ek, mfc ke mcf ape ntahh.. bring azhamm too ok... godd miss u guys, and about my skool. nothin to say, everythin is gonna be ok i guess. i hope soo..

so today, a little bit ok than before, gettin ok with the school. and i miss to go shopping with my bestie.. waaaaaaaaaaaa i wanna see u, the lol's! i miss my old moment! but, for now i have to study.. and mybe my superb cousin iqah, gonna come to my house and bring me to the best destination in kuantan! and she gonna teach me math, yeay! since like i dont realy good in math,  tengkiyo! cant wait to see u..

             i miss u guys!! 


dont u kno im bored?? put ur hand on the keyboard, and say hi to me. now!

first kiss :)

hello dunnia!! ok, dunia mean world :) so i just found this video,, someone update about this on twitter, this is such an adorable, it was like, small cute couple..it's about two kids, that have their first kiss. sweet..so enjoy it.. :) high five for first kiss

new crush

haha hello world! ok so i wanna tell u guys that i have a new crush! waaaaaa im so excited?? who? who? who? guess whoo?? so here we go..SAM TSUI ! omg, i love this guy.. he's amazing, talented, ,,kacak dan beragaye.. haha u guys dont know him?? alahh yg nie la...---->
kacak ritee?? :) he has his own song, but my fav is dont want an ending..i love this, it's beautiful, ok this is some of his photo again :)
but but but, sorry sam tsui..justin drew bieber still n0 1..i just love ur song, and ur face, but u cant be my idol, justin bieber stole my heart..thank u:)
                      i love u!

new page,

guys guys guys, i've done making my new page..so go and check out! title: bff,,come on! go now!..exclusive picture, (haha mcm official sngt, ) ofcourse it's exclusive ;) thank u my dear! <3

cool picture ;)

im stil staying at home today, doin nothing, mybe im gonna study a bit..i guess so, so now, i have nothin to post, but mybe i wanna share with u guys some nice ppicture, not nice pitcha of me, but pitcher that i see in tumblr, chiil xD

that's all, mybe more picture coming soon,  and yes, assalamualaikum, god bless!

hottest! ;)

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera for everybody, im kinda bored today, cause im just staying at home today with my lil sis, have nothin to do, so i think im gonna share with u guys top 5 hottest guy, i guess so :) chill!

                    no 1. ofcoursee, JUSTIN BIEBER 
                         no 2. OMG! u're hot.ZAYN MALIK
                    no 3, auwww hottie, TAYLOR LAUTNER
                   no 4, so cuteee BOOBOO STEWART
 no 5, hot! SIVA THE WANTED