so hey, i wanna talk about school..what do u think about it? before that,im not goin to school today, becs im sick! ok, so what do u think about school?? for me, sometime i think , school is somting that make me tired, tension, stress or something, becs   there's so much homework, that me, even u too have to do. and i dont like that,. im not goin to finish my hw, and im not goin to touch the book..act, i dont like the school activity, i dont like the people there, i dont like the teachers, i dont like the books..and i can give u more than 1000 reason why i dont like school..when im there, i feel like, oh god! what am i doin here? i wanna go home..i cant undrstand what the teacher's saying ..and u guys also might think, who is the creator of school?? me either. and im saying, the man/woman who created school, is the one who make my life bad!

but now, im started thinking the positive way of schooling,. ad la jugk kebaikn skolah nie..but one of my wish is, i wanna school at other country, becs i've been in malaysia more than 13 years..what?! i wanna go out from malaysia..mybe, to australia, uk, us, japan, or so jealous to afew of my friends, who have schooling in other countries..lucky them..i want it too! mom! can we go out from malaysia! =)

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