so. im gonna talk about justin bieber again, be4 that, assalamualaikum..ok, i heard that justin bieber lost 80 000 followers in his twitter,  and im not sure if this story true or not..but if yes,im gonna say that beliebers's are crazy, and u guys gonna say ,WHY THE BELIEBER'S DOING THAT??and the answer is, becs justin bieber cut his hair short. say what?! guys?! i think that was cool, his looking good, n he look matured than before.why are u guys doing that?? aaaa kejam nyer!! evil..but bieber said that he dont even care about what people gonna say about his new hair cut, and he think that he lookin better than be4, and its good for his career..good bieber!

justin bieber change his hair style for afew times, when he was a kid, he cut his hair off, and then, he make that hair flip, anf it is very popular among the teenager. and then he move his hair to the other side, from left to right, then, he make his hair look like a vampire, and that was cool, and now his cut his hair short, and that was awesome i think..and for the belieber's who unfollowed him, pls follow him back, becs he not goin to dissapoint u. im sure=) u can see bieber new hair from my post befor..thank u..

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