hate u !=)

ok so today, im gonna talk about artist that u hate and u like..ok , from my obesrvation, if there any artist that u hate, or u dont like, most of them gonna say mak datok! benci tol aku kt justin bieber ni..gedik nk mmpos! but guys, bieber said that he loves his haters..why do u hate the artist other than ur fav artist?? they doesn't hurt u rite?? they just sing as their job,.most of the guy, even girl too, doesn't like justin bieber?? and my quest is, why dudee? whyyy? his good man! u dont have to say that bieber is a gay , bapok or what ever..

biar kn la die ngan idop die sndri,for the belieber's, keep on with ur bieber fever, like me too! for haters,u dont have to kutok2 die, or keep ur mouth saying bad words to him, die x lyan kau ckp cm tu=)  example: if u like eminem or anyone else, and u dont like lady gaga, no need to say eeeeeeeeeeeeew gaga?? damn! go away! eminem is better..no one perfect.. and also like this what!? bieber x menang grammy awards? alamk gaga yg mng la, bbi tol! what can u do?? u cant change that...rezeki die, nk wat cnme, mybe he can try next time rite? ..

and if u see, what's happening in facebook, or any other social network, they make a fan page for the bieber haters, eminem haters, gaga haters, selena haters and so on, why do u do that?? stop it la we..if u keep on doing this, there might be a fighting or a war between the haters and the fan, mmburokkan keadaan jer, so fucking damn bad! so thats all, anda mmpu mngubahnye, u can make a big change, to become better..

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