hello and asslamualaikum for all my lovely and handsome2 taiko! wish u all in good condition, and smile always :)
so,! today im so glad, and so happy to talk about haters, do u have haters?? me? im not sure, the haters will never tell u if they hate u rite?? or mybe they use other way to say FUCKIN HATE U! do u hate someone?? shut! dont tell me, i dont want to know act,.

so, i wanna ask u a question, can?? yes! ok, what do u feel when someone, errr not someone, i mean a group of people hate u when u wanna do something good, ?? u might think that they are jealous, or u make they feel, menyampah or somting, .u think that u have so many fans, but, u also have haters, poor u, poor me too, i also have haters ac, err, i mean poor us, hehe, kidding!

so i wanna share a story, this is about a 19 years old dude, or guy, or mybe  a man, name anwar hadi. a young boy who has his own youtube channel, inianwarhadi that meningkat famous now, and im so shock (not really act) haha..i thought that everybody love him, but he has haters too, poor hadi, hehe again, i mean poor us=) the haters make a video, name group yang membenci anwar hadi..if the haters read this, dude, we have to know, that not every body like us, or not everybody hate us, even u too. we dont need to hate each other becs, u have haters too.dont u know that??  for anwar hadi, keep on! u're good!

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