wajib bace! =)

hey, and assalamualiakum for all taiko2 sekalian, .so, today i wanna talk about, err, im not sure, but mybe it is about bajet, u guys can undrstand bjet rite?? if no, bajet is somting like belagak, undrstand?? tak?? tibai kau kang! ok so, some of the people in the world, are rich, klau x rich pon, sekurg2 nyer tanah 1 eka?? btol tak??

ok if u are rich, the money, not belong to u, act, it is ur father's money, most of them, when his/her mother, goin to shopping, and their mom buy somting expensive, konfem wa ckp sma lu, kecoh se kmpong! exm: my mom bought a expensive zircon! kecoh pe kau?? no need to be like that?? do u think only ur mom buying that hell thing? hell no!  also like this: my that bought a very big zeither! ur dad?? zeither?? dude, x herannnn

 please, dont be so kecoh , nobody care about that, and i wanna talk about one more thing, about couple, hoho u must be lying, if u say that u donno what the meaning of couple, so for this, im gonna speak malay, x feel la ckp english=) so mengikot zaman skrg nie, rse2 cm x sah klo seseorg tu xd psngn kpel, kn?? sye srius x kesh la org kpel2 ni, sye pon pnah gk, tp yg pleng plek tu, dorg nie sllu sngt kecoh2 psl awek or pkwe dorg,

smpi ade yg tlis lg tu ape yg dorg msej or ape2, dude, nmpk sngt kau kecoh, y aku nk ckp nie, bukn kau sorg dlm dunie nie yg kpel, org len pon kpel gk, bukn ko sorg,so, klau kpel, kpel elok2, jngn trlalu excited, esok2 putus jugk an?? so with that, assalamualaikumwrrahmatullahhiwabarokatuh

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