bieber's concert

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so i just came back home from justin bieber concert at kl! it was crazy, about 13000 people there, wlupon, kitorg smpi lmbt siket, bt stil bleh dudk dpan, aku pergi dengn farra izzatee and the family, and azham,..i feel like crazy waktu kt sne, i cant stop screaming, becs i was really like stunned! so much fun,..

budk2 yg pegi sume like wearing supra, shorts, and stuff, jealous gile..and three girls yg dudk behind us was really crazy,. one thing that i dont like is the security, sumph la wa bnci kt dorg ni, standard lah concert, org nk bising, dah la brdri pon x bleh, last2 sume org brdiri, dh x trkwal tau plak senyp, bengong tol, i hate security!

and for the pembukaan, guess what?! mizz nina was there! she sang for abt 15 minit smting..she was totally nice!she danced, rapped, sang and stuff, u're great mizz nina! and we also have good charlotte! i cant believe this! it was a suprise from bieber! thanks bieber! we love uxD everrything was jus nice!do u guys want me to share some video and picture??  ok check out my new post after this, chill!

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