assalamualaikum, dh lme x update blog,, missin u blogger <3 ! act, i have nting to say, jus wanna tell , im not goin to school today, becs my sister, kononnyer havin headache, so i have no choice, i need to stay at home with her,,im doin nothing, but i take some picture of me be4 my father take me for lunch =) and , act, i need to go to school today, becs me dayah and anati, have to discuss abt the never say never this saturay, but korg bincg lahh, ==' and yes, today is the premiere of never say never!!!! aaaaaa, for spe2 yg pegi, have fun there! dont tell me anythin abt the movie, becs if u tell me about it, it's not goin to be a suprise anymore hahaxD im boredd, jus listening to justin bieber and roscoe dash song, u guys kno what?! jb and roscoe was totally great! so this is my picture----->
                             err, nothin=)
                              sorry, kebodohan xD
                             the end!! =)

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