hey, as u guys know, a few days ago, kitorg baru hbes exam, and, everything was just fine~ and just a few papers yg kitorg dah dpt,. for my clas kitorg bru dpt 3 paper. history,pendidikan islam and kemahiran hidup. for history im alittle bit dissapointed, becs i only got 52, c?! erghh.pendidikan islam, erm not too badd, i got 79, i ask ustaz to add another 1 marks, so that i wiil get 80, bru lwaa siket markh, but ustaz said no! 79 was just fine, fool =.=' im so happy to talk about my kemahiran hidup marks, guess what?! i got 95 and the highest marks in my class, im not bega or somting, im just so happy! hehe alhamdulillah, and me, anati and hidayah was the top 3 in KH. haha the genius L.o.L! HAHA im so proud for result budk2 balqis laen, u kno what?! atiqah and yana got 100% in pendidikan islam, totally genius!

actually, another 12 days im gonna watch never say never !! aaaa im so happy, im goin with anati n hidayah, and mybe with kak raihan and her cousins..hoho, its gonna be so much fun there, cant wait to see never say never, and cant wait to be there infront of the mines! haha im freakin out.. too happy. and thats all, ngee =)

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