hottest! ;)

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera for everybody, im kinda bored today, cause im just staying at home today with my lil sis, have nothin to do, so i think im gonna share with u guys top 5 hottest guy, i guess so :) chill!

                    no 1. ofcoursee, JUSTIN BIEBER 
                         no 2. OMG! u're hot.ZAYN MALIK
                    no 3, auwww hottie, TAYLOR LAUTNER
                   no 4, so cuteee BOOBOO STEWART
 no 5, hot! SIVA THE WANTED


  1. eeeeh bangga I, taylor lautner ade ;)

  2. haha, ofcourse lah die kne ade xD