new crush

haha hello world! ok so i wanna tell u guys that i have a new crush! waaaaaa im so excited?? who? who? who? guess whoo?? so here we go..SAM TSUI ! omg, i love this guy.. he's amazing, talented, ,,kacak dan beragaye.. haha u guys dont know him?? alahh yg nie la...---->
kacak ritee?? :) he has his own song, but my fav is dont want an ending..i love this, it's beautiful, ok this is some of his photo again :)
but but but, sorry sam tsui..justin drew bieber still n0 1..i just love ur song, and ur face, but u cant be my idol, justin bieber stole my heart..thank u:)
                      i love u!

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  1. new crush for the love, its amazing fell for me, untuk info olahraga tolak peluru jangan lupa mampir ya ke verval nrg padamu negeri