justin bieber

i love that 17 years old guy, justin drew bieber ..i can give u more than 1000 reasons why i love him..i love him not jus becs he's adorable, handsome or somting, but i also love him becs he's my idol..he inspired me in everything..he's like my personal motivator, when he smile i smile..there's nothin that i can say, i love u justin!

21st april 2011, justin bieber live in my country, it was last night, im having so much fun,. he can make me cry, screaming non stop, smile like never before,. im hoping that he can follow me back On twitter,.  plsss justin..and, lucky me, becs my parents undrstand my obsession, so smtimes they support me, love u parents!
whatever it is, nothing can replace u,only u, one and the only..u're perfect, i love u, i miss u, i need u..u're the best....i LOVE u JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!